Business In The Community and Give and Gain Day

Business In The Community and Give and Gain Day

Sunday February 22, 2015

Companies Helping Local Communities in Photographs

Last May, I was assigned to cover the Business In The Community Give & Gain Day.  I had no idea what to expect, having never been involved in such an event before.  My itinerary had me starting in Penygraig early in the morning, moving onto Mountain Ash, Cardiff and finishing in Newport late afternoon.  My brief was to get photographs that reflected the essence of Give & Gain Day and tell the story of all those who were giving up their time and those receiving the support.  This was quite a challenge.

Give & Gain Day is when companies from across the UK help out their local communities by providing people and materials for activities such as painting a sports hall, refurbishing tennis courts, building a garden area and staging games for schools.  It is all about giving something back and helping schools and local communities who simply do not have the funds or resources for such work.

I got up early, opened the curtains and sighed when I say blue skies.  This was going to be a great day.  With all my photography kit in the car I was off.  The enthusiasm of everyone I met was just infectious.  Senior people from large businesses across South Wales had committed funds and resources to work on specific projects that would make a difference.  It was inspiring.

With sunshine raining down from the skies, the temperature rose making it even more difficult for those working outdoors.  But all I saw were smiles.  The buzz and atmosphere was fantastic and the local communities and schools were thrilled to see their projects being worked on with such zeal.

On the day, they were so many special moments of which these stand out:

When I got home I was exhausted, sunburnt and dehydrated, but could wait to see the photos.  As I worked through them I couldn't stop smiling because of all the fun, laughter and joy.

Last week, Business In The Community launched the 2015 Give & Gain Day which is being held on 15th May.  By following the link to their website, you can also get involved.  There are so many businesses who have signed up already and hopefully more will over the next few months.  It is an amazing initiative and one that really does join business with their local communities.  I am sure that this year will be another huge success!  A selection of the photos from 2014 can be seen on my website.

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