Does Golf Really Spoil A Good Walk?

Does Golf Really Spoil A Good Walk?

Monday April 28, 2014

Earlier today I had the good fortune to spend a couple of hours with John Satherley of Pontypridd Golf Club. John was showing me around the course prior to a photoshoot that I hope to take over the weekend. Even though it was pretty overcast, there were quite a few players on the course and the fairways and greens looked perfect. Many years ago I played golf regularly, but nowadays I'm lucky if I play once a year and have never played the Pontypridd course. The course overlooks Pontypridd and the views are truly spectacular. Never mind the golf, just gazing out down the valley towards the Brecon Beacons is enough to take your breath away. On some of the holes you are literally striking the ball into the mouth of the valley. The course is blessed with beautiful trees, many of which appear to have been there since the course opened over 100 years ago.  As the photograph shows, Spring is bringing life into the branches and they will be full of colour in just a few weeks. As to the question in the title, I can only say that the golf simply enhances the experience.

The Pontypridd Golf Club website is

More photographs to follow!

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