Headshot Photography for Business

Headshot Photography for Business

Monday September 26, 2016

Looking Your Best for the Digital Marketplace

I estimate that 90% of the people I photograph tell me that they don't like stand in front of a camera.  And I totally understand.  In fact, that's why I am behind the camera.

However, having a decent headshot to use across the various digital marketing channels is important.  LinkedIn is the social media channel for business and recruitment and yet there are headshots of people holding a glass of wine, with their favourite dog, in shorts and flip-flops on a beach, or the photo is so dark or out of focus that you cannot see who they really are.

Business Headshot

So what's the magic behind a good headshot for business?

I've been taking Business Headshots for a while and there is another unwritten rule that tends to produce the best result.  Enjoy the photoshoot.  If you have fun, it will come through in your photo.

If you need a Business Headshot, please get in touch.  They can either be taken at a company's premises or in my studio in Church Village.  Just get in touch and I will work with you to produce that Business Headshot that puts you ahead of the crowd!

And take a look at a selection of Business Headshots on my website.  The two photographs shown in this blog are from Beth Daniel Hair Designers in Bridgend and Effective HRM in Treforest.

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