Humorous Photography for a Health and Safety Consultant

Humorous Photography for a Health and Safety Consultant

Wednesday June 22, 2016

Creative Ideas for Visual Messages from Safety Sage

From the first time I met Tony Sage of Safety Sage, I knew that he was different.  The way in which he presented himself and communicated the message of health and safety was different.  Also, he had a wicked sense of humour.  So I was thrilled when he asked me to help him with images for his website.

Tony Sage is a Health and Safety Consultant with many years expereince in industry.  He is based just outside Cardiff in South Wales and works with manufacturing and industrial companies across the UK.

Over a coffee we talked through his ideas and how he wanted to visually communicate his health and safety messages.  It was quite clear that this was going to be different.

When working on a project where you are pushing the boundaries it is important to ensure that the message is not lost.  The photographs often need to be clean and clear, visually portraying the message.

Safety Sage

Tony and I talked through all sorts of options and, I think, we did get it right.  Each photograph has a health and safety message, some clearer than others, but each well considered before it was taken.  We took one of the two sets of photographs in my studio, using a clean white background.  There were toys and building bricks everywhere and any visitor could have easily have thought that this was a playroom.

The photographs focused on Health and Safety Planning, Audits, Health and Safety Tools. the building blocks of health and safety, Communication and Record Keeping.

The feedback has been fantastic.  Tony uses the photographs on his website and across all his social media channels.  They reflect his character and the way he approaches the often difficult subject of Health and Safety.  They are different in the same way he is different.

And it was a real pleasure working with him.

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