Photographing 1987 Wales Rugby Heroes at the Wooden Spoon Event

Photographing 1987 Wales Rugby Heroes at the Wooden Spoon Event

Monday October 26, 2015

Raising Money for the Wooden Spoon Charity at the Concrete Society Event at the SSE Stadium in Cardiff

On Friday at the Wooden Spoon and Concrete Society dinner in the SSE Swalec stadium in Cardiff, I had the great pleasure of being the official photographer alongside my partner in Double Take Photography, Jo Davies.  It was a brilliant event and I got to meet some of my rugby idols including Clive Norling (one of the best referees ever who coached me refereeing in the early 90s), the wise and wonderful Clive Rowlands and members of the Wales team that played in the 1987 Rugby World Cup.

1987 Wales Rugby Team Members

In the summer of 1987 I was taking my final exams of a 3 year degree in Geology at Kingston Polytechnic in Surrey.  Also during that summer, the world powers of rugby Union decided to stage the first rugby World Cup during in New Zealand.  I can only say that exams and a Rugby World Cup are not good partners.

However, the situation actually got worse (or better) as Wales managed to have a fantastic World Cup, crushing England along the way and ending up beating Australia in a thrilling 3rd 4th play off.

Being a passionate rugby fan and follower of Wales, I had no option but to get up in the early hours of the morning to listen to the commentary on the radio as we didn't have a TV.  I had a plan and that was to revise as I listened, a plan that was far worse than any proposed by Baldrick in the Blackadder series.

I ended up going into exams tired, often elated following another Welsh victory and undercooked in terms of revision.

So, meeting those players who were responsible for my dire performance in my final year exams was a pleasure.  I blame them entirely.  But wasn't it wonderful?

I have only recently comprehended the magnitude of their achievement in securing 3rd place.  The recent World Cups have shown how difficult it is to progress through and I can only applaud the team of players and coaches who navigated Wales through to their best placing so far.

The Wooden Spoon event was fabulous, raising much needed funds for projects helping Welsh children and young people across the country.  The organising team were fantastic to work with and I was astounded by the amount of work that they put in to make the event a real success.  Congratulations!

A selection of photographs from the Wooden Spoon event can be see in the Business Events section on the website.

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