Photographing a Book Launch in Cardiff

Photographing a Book Launch in Cardiff

Sunday March 08, 2015

Alison Love's 'The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict'

One of the many wonderful benefits of being a Commercial Photographer in South Wales is the wide variety of photography projects and this year has been no different.  In early March 2015, I was commissioned by Wilkinson PR to photograph a book launch being held at Waterloo Tea in the Wyndham Arcade in Cardiff.

I wish that Alison Love had published the book, 'The Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict', when I was managing a large engineering company in South Wales as I am sure that I and my team would have benefited enormously from learning how to deal with such issues.  Handling conflict in the workplace is often dealt with poorly, failing to address and resolve the root cause and, therefore, allowing the problem to continue and escalate.  To highlight how even small issues can cause conflict, Alison had arranged for an actor to act out a scenario where a work colleague continually used Ethel's mug and simply failed to understand why that was an issue.  The actor was fantastic and I managed to get lots of photographs of great expressions as she explained her frustration.  It proved to be a great way of explaining the reason behind the writing of book.  Details of the Manager's Guide to Mediating Conflict can be found on Alison's website.

On the photography side, my focus was to take group shots of the guests, Alison as she introduced her new publication and the acted out scenario.  Against the lovely backdrop of Waterloo Tea, I managed to get some great shots, especially when the guests had the opportunity to make their own Lattes.  The photographs can be seen in the Business Events section on this website.

It was a really fun photoshoot and it is always a pleasure to work with John, Holly, Caroline and his team at Wilkinson PR.


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