Photographing a Heavy Rock Band Recording Session

Photographing a Heavy Rock Band Recording Session

Sunday January 04, 2015

Working with and Photographing SLaM in the Recording Studio

I love music as much as I love photography and so when SLaM asked me to work with them and produce a photographic diary when they were recording their EP at Sonic Forge Studios in Cardiff Bay I was more than just a little excited.

I had previously photographed the band, Wharley Catts (Drums), Mave Dustaine (Guitar) and Riff Clitchard (Bass), rehearsing at The Green Rooms in Treforest.  Then I saw how they could play.  It was fast, it was loud and it was heavy, but what a sound!  I left with ringing ears and a grin spread right across my face.

The recording took place over two days and so I went along on the Saturday and Sunday.  It was fascinating to watch how the tracks were put together and their attention to detail.  I felt honoured to be there, watching as they played and expertly assembled each track.  As I watched I took photographs that I felt captured the moment.  Sometimes these were small details like a pile of empty energy drinks in an overflowing bin or a gas mask on the side.

Before the shoot, the band and I discussed what they were looking for in terms of their image and that ensured that we had a clear focus over the two days.  Working closely with a band is essential as the visuals must compliment the music. Jacob Crofts worked alongside me producing a video diary, which turned out to be amazing.

When they released the tracks, the response was fantastic.  'Reverbnation' rocked up the South Wales Metal charts and is being featured on Heavy Metal Internet Radio shows all over the place.

I've kept in touch with the band and we are meeting up again this month.  I can't wait.  It has been a real pleasure working with them so far and I can't wait to see what they are going to do next.  A selection of the photographs from the recording session can be seen on the website.

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