Photographing A Rhythm Bombers Gig

Photographing A Rhythm Bombers Gig

Wednesday April 13, 2016

Rockabilly band The Rhythm Bombers play at Body and Soul Autoworks in Cardiff

24 hours earlier, car mechanics had been working on all sorts of classic, sports and custom cars, but now the garage had been transformed into a music venue.  In between the steel car frames, wheels, car bodies and jacks, were guitars, drums and a double bass.  The scene was set for a bit of Rock 'n' Roll.

Guitar In A Garage

I had photographed Rockabilly band, The Rhythm Bombers before, during rehearsals, and at a gig in Ynysybwl.  Also, back in 2014, we did a band photoshoot at Body and Soul Autoworks simply because they had a fantastic 50s style diner come cafe.  The black and white checked floors and red leather were perfect for the band image and we got some great images that actually appear on the inside cover of the band's new album.  It was brilliant to be back.


Outside the garage in the car park were rusted VW camper vans and American classic cars including General Lee, but the main focus was on the music.  And what a gig!  The band played some great classic rockabilly tracks as well as many from their new album, Leave You For Dust.  In between the dust sheets, welding gear and bits of car body was the throb of the double bass, rhythm of the drums and the controlled vibrant tones from guitar strings all blended together with Prosser's vocals.

For me, it was a playground.  This wasn't just photographing a band, but a band on location.  Great fun.  The photos can be seen on the website.

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