Photographing Business In The Community Events

Photographing Business In The Community Events

Thursday April 23, 2015

Striving to be a Responsible Commercial Photographer

When I set up my commercial and industrial photography business I made the decision that I would try and be a little different.  Over the years I have supported various charity and youth initiatives and spent weekends climbing Welsh mountains, mornings helping school leavers with their interview techniques and evenings speaking at charity fundraising dinners and events.  It's a great way to give something back, helping and encouraging others along the way.

I first attended a Business In The Community (BiTC) Event in the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay early last year.  However, it was in a previous life, when I was Managing Director of Eriez Magnetics Europe Ltd, that I first met Roger, one of the BiTC team, who had talked to me about the organisation and what they did.  Unfortunately, I didn't really take in what he said.  As a company, we were already trying to do many of the things that BiTC was supporting, but our efforts were on our own and unstructured.  If I had listened to Roger we could have achieved so much more and supported so many more people.

Over the past 12 months I have had the honour of working with the BiTC team with the aim of projecting their work through imagery.  It has been a real pleasure.  At times it can be challenging to accurately portray the wonderful work they do, whilst on other occasions it is relatively easy.  And I have met some wonderful people.

This week is BiTC's Responsible Business Week and there are many initiatives underway to promote more social interaction and support from big and small businesses.  I always think that if everyone contributed a little then the end result would be incredible.  As part of the promotion of Responsible Business Week, a video explaining my thoughts on being (or at least trying) to be a responsible business has been posted on the BiTC YouTube channel.

Thinking back to my time as Managing Director, I just wish that I had listened to Roger and become involved.  I hope any other businesses reading this blog don't make the same mistake.  The benefits are enormous and often unmeasurable in terms of pounds and pence.  It is a wonderful organisation.

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