Photographing Daleks at Doctor Who Experience

Photographing Daleks at Doctor Who Experience

Friday October 30, 2015

A Brave Photographer Facing the Daleks

There is just something about the Daleks from Doctor Who that sends a shiver down the spine.  I am not sure whether it is the eye stalk or that monotone voice, but whatever it is, being behind a camera does not make it any less frightening.

Working with the team from Doctor Who Experience based at Cardiff Bay in Cardiff, South Wales is always fun.  'Dalek Day' gave fans and visitors to the Doctor Who Experience a chance to bump into Daleks and meet two actors who have played Daleks in the series.  Their talk gave a fantastic insight into the uncomfortable experience of being a Dalek.  I am sure that this was a dream of many of the audience.

Mike, one of the team behind making the Dalek's creator Davros, also gave a talk on the challenges they faced in producing a modern day Davros.  The level of detail that they go into was quite amazing and all the time Davros sat and watched from the sidelines.  One Doctor Who fan actually came dressed as Davros in his own Davros Dalek machine, which was quite spectacular.  Seeing the two Davros' together was quite disconcerting.

2 Davros at Doctor Who Experience

Dalek Day was another great event at the Doctor Who Experience and just seeing how people reacted and often jumped when turning a corner and ending up face to eye-stalk with a moving Dalek was fabulous.

And, yes, Daleks are scary!

A selection of photographs from Dalek Day can be seen in the Photographs of Tourist and Media Attractions section on the website.

Doctor Who Experience are staging more events in Cardiff Bay and have a Halloween even on Saturday 31st October 2015 where there are rumours that several monsters will be on the loose.  The video is as frightening as the real Doctor Who - see it on Facebook!  Time to hide behind the camera again!

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