Photographing Magnetic Separators at a Plastic Recycling Plant

Photographing Magnetic Separators at a Plastic Recycling Plant

Tuesday October 27, 2015

Photographs of Bunting Magnetics Metal Separators

Having spent over 23 years working on recycling plants all over the world pre my industrial and commercial photographer days, I jump at every chance I get to go to an operation to take photographs.  I support Bunting Magnetics with photography and PR and getting the right image is critical to the success of getting an article published or achieving engagement on social media.

Bales of Recycled Plastic

Processing recovered plastics is one of the most challenging recycling tasks, especially with present legislative and environmental pressures.  HPR Stoke operates a large plant and uses Bunting Magnetic Separators to remove metal from the recovered plastic.  A press release written following the visit that details the operation has been featured in both online and printed press including Recycling and Waste World.

Taking photographs of equipment in a recycling plant can be very challenging.  The light tends to be very poor with limited space and opportunity to place lights.  You tend to have to work off the cuff, using both on camera and remotely activated speedlights to illuminate key features.  It is not ideal, but that is the nature of the work.

Also, it is important to appreciate your surroundings.  This not only relates to the composition and content of the photograph, but also potential hazards in the area in which you are working.  Recycling operations tend to be extremely busy, with forklifts and lorries constantly moving around.  In the photo it is important not to include anything that is confidential or unsightly.  Also, the best photographs tend to come from the most awkward locations and it is important to consider the health & safety implications.  Hi-Vis jackets, hard hats, steel toe capped boots, Safety Glasses and Gloves are all important when spending time in the Recycling Plant.

HPR Stoke was no different, but that's why working in such environments is so much fun.  A small selection of the photographs can be seen on the 'Equipment Installed at Site Photographs' section under 'Photographs of Bunting Magnetic Separators at HPR Stoke'.

Paul is an industrial and commercial photographer based in South Wales covering the whole of the UK.  For further details about photographing equipment installed at site and writing technical articles for use in print and online, please contact Paul on:

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