Photographing Safety Boots

Photographing Safety Boots

Tuesday July 28, 2015

Product Photographs with a Splash

Working with local safety equipment supplier PK Safety is always fun and they are open to new ideas and using creative imagery as well as the more standard product photographs.  As part of their social media campaign relaunching a popular range of Safety Footwear called Lightyear, we took some photographs in their car park.  There were some good props, with blue wooden pallets, metal containers and a few puddles.  Rain was in the air, as it can sometimes be in South Wales, and so we used the pools of rainwater to create some more dynamic imagery.  Obe Nunn, PK Safety's Marketing Executive, dressed up in the boots and some overalls and then spent 15 minutes splashing around in puddles.  It was a challenge to ensure that the Lightyear name wasn't obscured by the water, but after a series of shots we managed to get a range of images that have been really well received on social media.

A selection of the photographs can be seen in the Product Photography Engineering and Manufacturing section on the website.

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