Photographing Solar Panels

Photographing Solar Panels

Wednesday August 26, 2015

Representing Environmentally Friendly Power with a Photograph

I was standing on the roof of Tiny Tumblers, a children's play centre in Church Village, Rhondda Cynon Taff, with owner Alan James.  The rain had finally stopped and the sky was perfect with big puffy clouds on a blue background.  We were up there to photograph solar panels that had been installed by Cleen Green Energy.

I first met Kathryn Horler-Clee from Cleen Green Energy at a 4N networking event.  I have always been fascinated by environmental technology, having worked supplying separation equipment into the recycling sector for over 20 years.  Solar power had always interested me as it seems to be the most obvious source of free power, but I always wondered if it worked.

Alan and I stood on the roof and I took the photographs, focusing on using the reflections of the Garth Hill in the background and the mix of clouds and blue sky.  We talked about his reasoning behind installing the solar panels and I wrote up an article with details of the return on investment which can be read on the Cleen Green Energy website.  I reached the conclusion that producing solar power with panels is an opportunity that is being missed by industry.  We all see houses being equipped with solar panels, but the larger roof areas are those owned by industry who also use the most energy.  Alan's Tiny Tumblers children's play centre is ahead of many large organisations.

Visually, it was real fun to take photographs that reflected the science behind the technology and also the aesthetics and how solar panels can simply blend into our surroundings unlike other technology such as wind turbines.  It was a really interesting project to work on.

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