Photographing the Opening of the Pontypridd Dunelm Store

Photographing the Opening of the Pontypridd Dunelm Store

Tuesday August 11, 2015

Press Photographs of the Store and the Dunelm Team

There was a real buzz of excitement in Upper Boat, near Pontypridd today due to the opening of the new Dunelm store.  I arrived at around 7:30am to photograph the event and provide images for the press and a queue had formed already.  The gentleman in the front had been there since 5:30am and, as I talked with him, I could see the queue growing every minute.

Dunelm has a wonderful reputation, as I found out yesterday when I posted some messages on social media. I received messages asking for the opening time and confirming the location of the new store. Local people were genuinely excited that Dunelm was opening in the Ponytpridd area and that the old Focus store, which had been empty for so long, had finally been filled.

Last Friday I visited the store to take a look at the location and assess ideal photograph opportunities.  There were plenty.  The store was filled with a wide range of colours and textures, from curtains to light shades and kitchen knives to storage boxes.  Upstairs there was a fantastic new coffee shop from which you could gaze down at the shelves of products on the ground floor and the crowds of people walking through the main door.  The whole place is wonderfully light, which was ideal for the photography.

Cllr Barry Stephens J.P., the Mayor of Rhondda Cynon Taff, was present to cut the ribbon and open the store at 9am.  Several members of the Pontypridd Rugby Club were also in attendance to help shoppers carry any large or heavy items back to their cars.  We were also graced with the presence of the Barnardos Barney Bear and the Pontypridd Rugby Club's Ponty Bear. 

By 9am, the queue had grown and reached around the side of the building.  Into the store the people swarmed and very soon that old empty Focus building was filled with a vibrant crowd of excited shoppers.

At this point I want to thank all those people who were happy to have their photograph taken.  There were so many smiling faces as I walked around the store that it was easy to find shoppers to photograph and we managed to take photographs in the store and in the coffee shop.  The images just summed up the wonderful atmosphere.

It was a real fun morning and the professionalism and attention to customer service displayed by the Dunelm team was very impressive.

Somehow, I think that I will be visiting Dunelm as a customer sometime in the very near future.

The photographs can be viewed on this website.

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