Photographing the Stunning Welsh Coast

Photographing the Stunning Welsh Coast

Saturday February 21, 2015

Crashing Waves at Ogmore-by-Sea

A 25 minute drive from my home and I am on the spectacular coast of South Wales.  Having originally trained as a geologist, I am always fascinated and enthralled by the vast variety of rocks types and how they have shaped the coastline.

At Ogmore-by-Sea, the River Ogmore meets the sea and splits the long beach into two.  On the west are the Merthyr Mawr sand-dunes and I have previously walked along that beach to the seaside town of Porthcawl.  On the east of the river estuary is another beach and then the rocks and cliffs take over as you head towards Southerdown.

We stood on the east side and watched as the waves thundered into the coast.  The views were amazing and using my old faithful Canon 1000D, I managed to capture the energy of the sea, the colours of the coast and the heavy clouds against the blue sky.  There were even a few surfers in the sea, patiently waiting for the next big wave to catch and carry them towards the beach.

We walked towards Southerdown along the coastal path and the topography changed.  The land was fighting back against the erosive power of the sea producing towering cliffs.  We watched as some mad or brave anglers cast their lines into the rough seas, standing firm against the high spray of waves crashing into the rocks around them

We walked back to the car windswept and invigorated.

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