Photographing the WRPA Event in Swansea

Photographing the WRPA Event in Swansea

Sunday January 18, 2015

Welsh Rugby Players and Welsh Business Come Together

I am a passionate rugby supporter and so I was delighted to be asked by the Welsh Rugby Players Association (WRPA) to photograph their latest event in Swansea. 

The WRPA, supported by Nine Feet Tall and sponsored by Absolute Performance, hosted a sell-out event in the Marriott Hotel in Swansea where business and professional rugby players from across South Wales had the chance to network.

I have been fortunate to be involved in playing, coaching and refereeing rugby union for nearly 40 years (albeit as an enthusiastic amateur and mostly at a junior level) but still found that many of the skills that I needed in business were developed and improved whilst being involved in the sport.  

There is no doubt that the level of commitment, dedication and skill required to become a professional rugby union player can be applied to any business scenario and would be of real benefit to any company.  Further details on the event can be found on the Nine Feet Tall website.

It was a real pleasure to work with Sarah Nightingale, the WRPA Player Development Manager, and Huw Jones, a Partner at Nine Feet Tall.

Photographs from the evening can be seen in the Business Event Photography section on my website.

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