Photographing Vintage Goods for Ty Hafan

Photographing Vintage Goods for Ty Hafan

Sunday October 11, 2015

Photographs to Promote the New Ty Hafan Vintage Emporium Shop in Cardiff

Ty Hafan is close to my heart and I like to help out whenever I can, but this was something really different.  Ruth called and asked if I would take some product photographs.  As a Commercial and Industrial Photographer, I spend a great deal of time photographing products from kitchen cupboard handles to radiators, but these products were rather different.

The new Emporium is located in the wonderful Royal Arcade in Cardiff.  When I arrived, they had only just started setting out the shop, which was ideal.  On the backwall was a wonderful deep purple wallpaper offset against a textured and weathered wooden floor.  For the products we were about the photograph, this was the ideal location.

We started with a Victorian Rocking Horse and then moved through a Remington Typewriter, Harris Tweed Jacket, an Accordion, a Vintage French Wedding Dress and even a Doll's House.  We had to choose which products worked with the darker background and used a cream wall when it didn't.  We had some real fun, especially when I asked Ruth to roll a bowl from a bowls set towards me so that I could catch the blur as it moved into shot on a longer exposure.

How I didn't end up buying something I don't know and will be going back.  It was a very different type of product photoshoot and hopefully the images will help raise lots of interest and money for Ty Hafan.

The photographs of all the wonderful vintage products can be seen on my website.

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