Photographs for a Product Launch

Photographs for a Product Launch

Monday August 10, 2015

Creative Photos to Generate Intrigue

One of my clients, Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, is launching a new item of equipment at the forthcoming UK recycling exhibition, RWM.  The new Magnetic Separator is designed to separate and recover stainless steel from waste, a problem faced by the industry for many years.  The new technology is really exciting and Bunting intend to showcase the production sized High Intensity Separation Conveyor on their stand, demonstrating the ability to separate the weakly magnetic stainless steel.

The challenge we faced was how to represent this visually.  The Stainless Steel Separator is essentially a conveyor with a complex magnetic assembly at the separation point which cannot be seen.

We were writing a press release for the industry media and wanted an image that was different to just a photo of the equipment.  Visitors to the stand would see the equipment and so we had to convey a message about what it could actually do.

In my studio, I took a series of photos of the most recognisable stainless steel I could find - a set of cutlery.  Shot against a simple white backdrop, the aim was to make a statement and from the coverage in the media that we have received already, it appears to have worked and it has ben published both online and in print in a number of media outlets of which Bulk Solids Today is but one.

Working on projects such as this is real fun and sometimes you just need to think of something different.

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