Photographs for the New PK Safety Website

Photographs for the New PK Safety Website

Tuesday May 03, 2016

Creative Product Photography in South Wales

For the past 12 months, I have been working closely with the PK Safety team, providing support with photography, press releases, and social media marketing.  PK Safety specialise in health and safety equipment and corporate clothing, supplying a wide range of companies across the UK.

The company continues to grow at an amazing rate and only last month they relocated to new premises in Ystrad Mynach, just outside Caerphilly in South Wales, and rebranded with the help of J Squared Marketing.  J Squared has also developed a new dynamic website, modernising the design to reflect the rebrand.

Roy Wells outside PK Safetys New premises

The opening page of the new website shows one of my favourite photographs, Lightyear Safety Boots stamping in a puddle of water.  During the year, we have tried to push the boundaries with imagery, moving away from the norm and creating imagery that is interesting whilst reflective of the product's application.  Some products are relatively easy like Safety Gloves that protect against needle injuries, whilst for others we have looked at the location and positioned Safety Boots on wooden pallets or show a close-up of Safety Gloves holding the handle of a green wheelie bin.

Needle Safe Safety Gloves

Of course, there is still the need for more classic product photography and we are presently working on spicing that up with reflections and a pure white background.

As a photographer it is great working with a company who is willing to step outside the norm and try something different.  I believe that this is at least part of the reason for their success.

There is a lot more that we can do and I am sure that there will be new ideas for imagery that will again raise the company's profile and highlight them as a leader in the supply of safety gear and corporate clothing across the UK.

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