Press Photographs of Bunting Magnetic Separators

Press Photographs of Bunting Magnetic Separators

Tuesday September 01, 2015

Industrial Product Photography in a Recycling Plant

Working with Bunting Magnetics means I get the opportunity to visit industrial sites across the UK.  As the Bunting Europe Press Officer, I visit sites where Bunting equipment is installed and take photographs of the equipment in situ and interview the client for an in-depth technical press release.

Recycled UK was a fascinating site and Bunting had installed several different designs of Magnetic Separator to remove ferrous metal from the waste plastic.  The challenge was to capture images that would prove to be interesting and spark the imagination of the press editors and potential readers.

I focused on taking two different types of photograph.  The first was using my 28-105mm lens, which produced standard clean images.  Due to the low light, we used some off camera flash on some of the photographs.  The second was using the fish eye lens to distort the edges of the image.  This gives the viewer a different perspective and helps when working in locations with limited space.

Magnetically Separated Metal

As the Magnetic Separators are used to separate ferrous metal, we wanted to capture that in the image.  Although difficult to capture such a separation, we focused our attention on the Magnetic Pulley.  Here, material would travel along the conveyor up to the magnetic head pulley where ferrous metal would be attracted and dragged underneath.  Using a spanner, a nut and a shard of metal, we managed to capture the separation using the fish eye lens.

We also used the fish eye to take some interesting photographs of separated ferrous metal in the hands of Paul Cottam, Production Director of Recycled UK.

These photographs and the press release have been published on line and in print in publications globally and an example is in HUB-4, a UK recycling and quarrying publication.  The use of photographs that are slightly different has really helped and many of the published articles have included a number of images in the report.  The separation photograph of the Magnetic Pulley has been particularly popular.  The article has also now been released as news on the Bunting Magnetics website.

More photographs of the Bunting Magnetic Separators at Recycled UK are in the Equipment Installed at Site album.

For further information or to enquire about photography of equipment at site and technical press releases, please contact Paul on:

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