The Sweet Sound of a Trumpet

The Sweet Sound of a Trumpet

Sunday September 28, 2014

Wedding Music that gives you Goosebumps

Andrew Jones of Music For You and I first met at a 4N networking meeting and several months later we joined forces to produce some new imagery for his website and digital marketing.  Andrew is a talented professional trumpet player and has performed at venues and events across Wales.  We worked together to produce a collection of images that could be used to promote and market his work at weddings.  The right music stimulates emotion and generates that spine-tingling atmosphere.  I listened to Andrew play and was astounded at the sweet sound resonating from his trumpet.  It was beautiful.  With the music in mind, we staged the set and worked on capturing images that reflected how beautiful it would be to to hear the soft and clear music as a bride was walking up the aisle.  By using the bouquet of flowers and with Andrew lying on the floor with the trumpet on his lips and the flowers in the bell, I think we captured what we had in mind.

A selection of photographs from the Music For You photoshoot are in the business section of the website.

Andrew also has a YouTube channel where you can hear some of his music.

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