The Three Castles of Monmouthshire

The Three Castles of Monmouthshire

Thursday July 24, 2014

In Monmouthshire are three fantastic castles which can all be visited in one day.  The following poem, taken from the Cadw guidebook, I think sums them up nicely.


Three castles fayre, are in a goodly ground,

Grosmont is one, on a hill it builded was;

Skenfreth the next, in valley it is found,

The soyle about, for pleasure there doth passe,

Whit Castle is, the third of worthie fame,

The countrey there, doth beare Whit Castles name,

A stately seate, a loftie princely place,

Whose beautie gives, the simple soyles some grace.

Thomas Churchyard (d. 1604), The Worthines of Wales: A Poem (1587)

Photographs of all Three Castles can be seen by clicking here.


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