Timing of Press Releases

Timing of Press Releases

Monday September 21, 2015

Photographs Telling the Story of the Exhibition

Timing is important in whatever you do.  It could be at the Rugby World Cup with that final pass to the winger so that he can score that try in the corner or the follow up phone call to a customer as he is just about to place an order.

Exhibitions are all about timing.  Prior to the exhibition, there is the pre-show marketing notifying existing and potential customers about a company's attendance and what will be on show.  Then there is the timing during the show, like starting that demonstration just when a key prospective client is walking past the stand or tweeting about the new item of equipment that appears on a prospect's feed.  Finally, there is the post show marketing, and this is something that many companies forget.

Carlton Hicks Bunting at RWM15

Post show marketing is arguably as important as pre-show marketing as seen from the recent work that I have done with Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd at the RWM15 Waste and Recycling Exhibition held last week at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.  I was on the stand in my capacity as a Commercial and Industrial Photographer and acting as their Press Officer.  Bunting was launching a new Magnetic Separator for separating stainless steel and had a fantastic show.  The level of enquiries was both high and of good quality.  The marketing we did during the show was quite intense at times using both photographs and video, but it generated a great deal of intrigue.  I used my Canon 6D and connected this to my iPad via Wi-Fi so that we could take a photograph and post it on social media within minutes.

The show ended on Thursday and so on Friday morning we issued a press release and blog talking about Bunting's success at the show and using the professional photographs that had been taken.  As of yesterday, the release has been picked up and posted by 3 key recycling industry news sites, including one in the USA.  The news has been featured in:

Recycling and Waste World


Scrap Professional

This is great coverage and maintains the momentum from the show.  This not only reminds visitors of what they saw at the exhibition, but informs people who did not get an opportunity to visit that there was something new and dynamic on show.  For the press, it is news that is current, informative and visual, making it interesting for their readers.  There is still a great deal of work to be done, but the foundations have been laid to get a good return on the cost of exhibiting at the show.

Examples of other press coverage in a wide range of online and printed press can be seen on the website.

For further information or advice on maximising exhibiting at a trade show, please contact me on 07909 103789 or by email on paul@paulfearsphoto.co.uk or via the website.

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