Wales Action Week Photographs

Wales Action Week Photographs

Friday November 21, 2014

Working with Business In The Community Promoting Responsible Business

There has always been a lot of talk about businesses acting responsibly, but, too often, there is little substance to the rhetoric.  Having worked with the Business In The Community team in Wales in 2014 (I also joined a few months ago), I have had the opportunity to see responsible business in action.  It would be unfair to list the companies that I have seen and worked with just in case I missed one in particular, but I have seen how companies in Wales are getting involved in supporting local communities.

Last week, I worked with Business In The Community at the Cardiff Foodbank as part of the Wales Action Week initiative.  My assignment was to take images that captured the essence of what social responsibility means and show how many business leaders were willing to give up their time, roll up their sleeves and help.  From marking the tops of cans with 'best by' dates, to packing shelves and sorting foodstuffs, the business leaders and members of the BiTC teams worked alongside the regular Foodbank volunteers.  It was fantastic to witness and just showed what can be done.

I spoke with some of the Cardiff Foodbank team about the alarming growing demand for food in Cardiff.  It will continue to put a strain on them and their resources, but they are committed to ensure that people in need do not go hungry.

If I wasn't a photographer I would not get to meet such amazing people and see incredible organisations such as the Cardiff Foodbank.  I hope that by writing this blog and by using the photographs that more companies will get involved and give something back.  There are always people in need and, thankfully, there are many people who are willing to help.

Photographs taken at the foodbank can be seen on my website.

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