Website Photographs for Sian Sibley Makeup

Website Photographs for Sian Sibley Makeup

Tuesday March 08, 2016

Photographs Illustrating the Skill of a Makeup Artist

As a commercial and industrial photographer, you work on a wide range of photography assignments.  For the Sian Sibley Makeup project, I had been contacted by Josh of JSquared Marketing, who was designing a new website.  He already had an idea of the website layout, which was great as I knew what shape and style of photograph was needed.

My assignment was to photograph four made-up models depicting wedding day brides and that worn for special occasions.Sian Sibley Makeup

Working closely with the website designer really helps with a photography assignment such as for Sian Sibley Makeup.  Having an appreciation of the context, style and colours ensures that the right images are captured.  We had to work on how each model posed in terms of their expression and body position.

The story for Sian and the site was the quality of the make-up and so I used a very short focal length, essentially focusing just on the eyes of the model.  We used plain white and dark backgrounds to reflect and emphasise the tone of the models skin and hair.

There was limited work done post processing and we ended up with a wide selection of photographs for a wide range of marketing purposes including brochures, social media and, of course, the website.  Sian has already posted a number of the photographs on her business Facebook account.

This was a really fun assignment on a Sunday morning and the models were fantastic.

Photographs from this project can be seen on my website in the section for Makeup Artists and Beauticians.

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