Yr Wyddfa 2023 Cancer Research Wales

At 3:30am I looked out of my bunk house room and saw pouring rain.  It was the first time it has rained like this in weeks.  My heart sank.  At 5:20am, the excited Cancer Research Wales walkers stood in a damp Pen-y-Pass car park.  Thankfully, the rain had eased.  Under the watchful eye of the… Read More

Cadair Idris 2023 Cancer Research Wales

Cadair Idris was the mountain that most people feared.  However, despite being the most difficult to climb, Cadair Idris is also the most spectacular of the three.  There were some sore legs after climbing Yr Wyddfa, but everyone was nervously excited.  At 1:10pm on the 17th June, with the sun now shining and the temperature… Read More