Collection: Bunting Magnetic Assemblies at Engineering Design Show 2018

This collection of photographs from the Engineering Design Show could be included in the Event Photographer section, but has been included under Product Photography.  As I mention in my blog ‘Photograph Opportunities at Exhibitions‘, it is good to add to the image library when attending shows.

My client Bunting Magnetics was exhibiting at the Engineering Design Show (Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 17-18 October 2018).  On the stand they had several examples of magnetic assemblies and also fixtures used to magnetise magnetic components.  We had been promoting our presence at the show on social media and would continue this at the show.  Using my Canon 6D and wirelessly downloading images to my iPad, we were able to post out quality content during the event.  These appeared in tweets shown on many of the screens around the exhibition.  On return to the office, we had also added to our library of images for inclusion in a post-show review blog, in social media and on the website.

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