Collection: Business Event Photography

Every year I am assigned as the Event Photographer for many business events including networking meetings, exhibitions, business development events, and company meetings.  The event photography is commonly used during the event (eg social media), post the event (eg news and event reviews), and to promote the subsequent event.  When photographing exhibitions, I build a library of images that are then used widely for a range of marketing purposes.

Event photography is all about capturing the atmosphere in an image.  The photographs must tell the story of the show, enticing both visitors and exhibitors to attend.  Where possible, I try to be a little creative when photographing people on stands.  My aim is for the photo to highlight what the exhibitor does.  This often leads to some crazy, but fun imagery!

Paul Fears is an industrial, commercial and event photographer and digital marketing consultant based near Cardiff in South Wales.  To discuss any photography assignment, please contact Paul via email on