Collection: Ceramics UK 2019

Ceramics UK 2019 was the first UK-based ceramics focused exhibition in 20 years.  I was at the show supporting Bunting Magnetics Europe and Master Magnets taking photographs, posting social media, and also talking with visitors about the best ways to solve iron contamination problems.

Over twenty years the ceramics sector has evolved.  The United Kingdom was once one of the leading producers of tableware, tiles, sanitaryware, and figurines, but many producers found it impossible to compete with the low-cost producers in the Far East.  However, the ceramics sector evolved and the manufacturing knowledge is being applied in the ever-expanding area of technical ceramics.

Alongside the exhibition area at Ceramics UK were two conference zones where industry experts presented papers on a wide range of topics.  Prof Neil Rowson from University of Birmingham and Master Magnets/Bunting Magnetics joined other industry professionals including Andrew McDermott of the British Ceramics Confederation to discuss ‘Bringing together Industry and Academia – Challenges and Opportunities’.  Prof Rowson also presented well-received a paper on ‘Magnetic Separators in the Ceramics Industry’.

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