Collection: Jo and Andrew Oxwich Bay Wedding

Jo and Andrew’s Oxwich Bay wedding was held on The Gower near Swansea in South Wales.  As a Wedding Photographer it is always fantastic to have a beautiful location and, even though the beach was busy with people enjoying the summer sunshine, we got some amazing photographs.

The ceremony and reception was held at the Oxwich Bay Hotel.  The hotel stands right next to the beach and so we took the couple down onto the sand for some photographs.  To capture images that were a little different, Jo and Andrew took off their shoes, he rolled up his trousers and she tucked up her wedding dress and they paddled in some of the water on the beach.  They drank champagne as I took the photographs, ensuring that the photography would just be another fun part of their wonderful wedding.  One of my favourite photographs is of Andrew holding his head in disbelief as his best man tells everyone about his special drunken moves on the dance floor!  This Oxwich Bay wedding was something special!

I cover wedding photography with my colleague Jo Davies under our join brand of Double Take Photography.  As a male and female team, we have gained a reputation of developing a great rapport with the wedding party that allows us to take create and imaginative photographs that capture the magic of a couple’s wedding day.  We love what we do and so do our brides and grooms!

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