Drum Magnet-Rare Earth Roll Bunting

Metal separation is a vital part of any recycling process and this product photography project for Bunting focused on a new Drum Magnet-Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator Module used to recover magnetic metals from fines previously lost to waste.  The module was part of a more extensive separation system that includes a Bunting ElectroStatic Separator.  Prior to despatch of the equipment, we photographed and videoed a series of tests for use as an instruction and operation manual, press release and for general marketing purposes (e.g. website, social media, etc).  This included showing how the Drum Magnet recovers strong magnetic materials and mild steel, followed by the ultra-strong Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator to separate weakly magnetic materials such as fragmented stainless steel.

The photographs were used in the press release and blog ElectroStatically Recovering Copper Wire

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