Kawasaki KZ750 Motorcycle

It was 7am on a very cold (sub-zero) April morning on Mount Llanfabon and I am lying down on the tarmac photographing a refurbished Kawasaki KZ750.  I’ve lost the feeling in my fingers and can’t feel the shutter button.  But it is all worth it as the light is perfect.  I was with Dave Cochlin who has spent the past few years lovingly transforming a 1977 Kawasaki KZ750 B2 (or Z750 twin) motorcycle.  Introduced in 1976, the Kawasaki KZ750 2-stroke triple was an oddity.  Bigger and more powerful motorbikes were on the horizon, but the KZ750 met the desires of motorcycle enthusiasts who wanted a big twin.  Easier for maintenance and more reliable, the KZ750 carved it’s own special niche in the motorcycling world.  Dave’s KZ750 looked stunning.  The emerald green hand painted body with carefully restored chrome wheels and handlebars just made the motorbike sing.  And nature did the rest, showing the bike with some soft golden morning light.  A great hour or so and it only took another two to thaw out.

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