Pilamec Powder Milling and Blending

I have spent many years on mineral processing sites all over the world and so I was pretty excited at getting the opportunity to photograph the Pilamec powder milling and blending plant in Gloucestershire, UK.  The Bunting Group acquired Pilamec at the end of 2021 and the photographs were taken to support a press announcement as well as update the website and to use on social media.  Pilamec specialise in providing batch dry milling, screening and blending of organic and inorganic minerals for companies in industries as diverse as mining, refractories, foundries, recycling, and ceramics.  The materials handled range from metals, slags to non-toxic chemicals, with investigation and test of any product, of any type, needing size reduction.  The processing operation includes different types of milling, crushing, blending, screening and bagging.

Bunting-Berkhamsted press release and blog:  Bunting Acquires Pilamec

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