Shane Williams Wooden Spoon

As a photographer I get the opportunity to meet some incredible people and many of my sporting heroes.  However, as I was sitting drinking coffee in Shane Williams’ kitchen, I had to pinch myself.  I was there to photograph Shane as part of the promotion for the Wooden Spoon’sRugby With Altitude‘, where a group of intrepid adventurers broke the world records for playing the highest game of rugby in history, at 6,331m above sea level.  Winger Shane Williams is Wales highest try scorer with 58 scored during an 11-year international career.  Since retiring, he has raised money for a wide range of charities including the Wooden Spoon and Velidre Hospital.  During the national UK lockdown, Shane is presently cycling 774 miles in one week on an indoor training bike.  This is the distance the 43-year-old had been set to cycle outdoors in various charity events in 2020.

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