Metal In Food

There is an incredible selection of stock photographs available from many recognised sources.  However, there is nothing better than creating your own unique photographs to support a press release or blog.  Such bespoke product photography is then tailored to suit a specific message, which in this case is metal in food.  This selection of slightly strange images support articles, press release and blogs published by Bunting-Redditch focusing on the problem of metal contamination in food.  Every year, the UK Food Standards Agency issues food alerts relating to metal contaminated food.  In 2019, there were eight (8) such alerts that included bags of Revels from Mars Wrigley UK and Quorn sausages.  These images proved to be very popular, especially on social media.  They have also featured in food industry printed and online media.  They are also used in the blog ‘8 Metal-in-Food Alerts in 2019‘ for Bunting-Redditch.

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