Safety Gloves PK Safety UK

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplier PK Safety UK supply a range of needle-resistant and cut-resistant safety gloves.  The aim of this product photography session was to illustrate the resistance of the safety gloves.  PK Safety subsequently used these photographs widely on their website and social media. Related galleries:  Engineering.  To discuss any product photography assignment,… Read More

Respiratory Protective Equipment PK Safety UK

Product photography for PK Safety UK focusing on Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).  Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of RPE has never had a greater profile.  However, RPE has always played a vital role in keeping people working in manufacturing and the service sector safe and healthy.  The most common RPE is… Read More

Safety Boots PK Safety UK

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplier PK Safety UK, introduced a new range of Safety Boots and required some supporting imagery.  Rather than just having photographs of Safety Boots on a white background, which are often provided by the supplier, we took some images of the boots ‘in action’.  It took quite a few shots to… Read More