Photograph Opportunities at Exhibitions

Valuable Social Media Imagery at Shows

Having easily available photography and video for content on websites, social media and brochures is a constant struggle for many marketing departments.  Even if there is imagery available, the quality is poor.  The cameras of modern mobile phones are better than ever, but often the technical ability of the ‘photographer’ and difficulties at the location means that the image is dark, out of focus, or simply does not show what is needed.

Stainless Steel Separator in action at RWM17

Exhibitions offer all companies an ideal opportunity to fill the imagery and video coffers.  If there is equipment on the stand, it is normally gleaming, having been recently painted and cleaned.  This is when the equipment is at its most pristine and ideal for photography.  Lighting is usually adequate, although sometimes it can be a little yellow (tungsten).

Ideally, get your professional photographer to drop by, if only for a few hours.  They will be able to collate a wide range of quality photographs that can then be used for any marketing requirement in both high and low resolution.

I work very closely with Bunting Magnetics Europe and Master Magnets and spend at least a day with them at most of their UK exhibitions.  Their next major exhibition is RWM18, the UK’s leading recycling and waste trade show held at the NEC in Birmingham, UK.  On their stand (5Q11) they will have two production sized Metal Separators:  an Eddy Current Separator and a newly manufactured Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator.  Both will be working and this provides an ideal opportunity to take photographs and video.

Master Magnets Overband Magnet installed on a customer’s mobile crusher

There are also opportunities to see your client’s equipment on other exhibitor’s stands.  The Master Magnets Overband Magnet in the photograph is mounted on a Terex mobile crusher.  Once again, the equipment is pristine and perfect for photography.  This photograph has been widely used to support blogs and social media over the past twelve months.

The photographs and video that we accumulate is used when we are writing,  submitting and posting press releases, blogs, websites and social media.  In fact, many of the photographs shown on the Stainless Steel Separator page of the Master Magnets website have been taken at previous exhibitions.

They will also be used for a post-exhibition blog reviewing the show and informing potential customers who were unable to visit.  Next week provides me with another ideal opportunity to add to my growing library of content for both companies.  I can’t wait!


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