Business Headshots for Effective HRM

Business Headshots for Effective HRM

Thursday September 03, 2015

Team Photographs that Reflect the Company Identity

As soon as employees see a Commercial and Industrial Photographer enter the office of a company carrying all his kit, you can sense the underlying panic and alarm.  Many of the employees will hate having their photographs taken and so having to have one taken that will then appear on a website or social media is terrifying.

At this stage I must admit that I am not a fan of having my photograph taken.  Having that appreciation makes it a little easier when taking other people's photographs.  During any professional headshot photoshoot, it is important to spend time with each person with the aim of capturing an image that reflects their personality and, most importantly, is one that they like.

The business headshot must also reflect the identity of the company, which in the case of Effective HRM was bright, colourful and fresh.  Working with the Effective HRM team was a real pleasure.  We took the headshots in their office in Treforest, using the wonderful windows and light as an unusual backdrop.  They also invited me down to a team meeting held at the Vale Resort whilst they enjoyed afternoon tea.  It was so typical of Emma and Gemma to arrange such a meeting.

With the sun shining, we took the opportunity to take some team photographs at the back of the hotel.  The photographs were taken from the second floor of the hotel and also with the team positioned on the steps leading down to a garden area.

The whole atmosphere of the day was so relaxed and I believe that this comes through in the photographs.  It was a real pleasure to work with the Effective HRM team.

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