Photoshoot Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

Despite the easing of Covid-19 related restrictions, the virus continues to influence our every day lives.  Work for the professional photographer has started to reboot and we have already booked a a number of professional headshot photoshoots.  However, we do not envisage photographing an event or wedding in the near future.

Whilst the Covid-19 virus remains a risk, we will adhere to the following set of health and safety guidelines.  These ensure that the client and the photographer minimise the risk of unknowingly transmitting the virus during a photoshoot.  Our aim is simple – we want everyone to not only feel safe, but be safe.

Here are the guidelines:

Prior to the Photoshoot

Prior to the photoshoot, we will confirm that we have not had the Covid-19 virus or been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid-19 at any time during the previous 14 days.

Likewise, the client must ensure that we are notified if any person being photographed has had the Covid-19 virus or has been in contact with any person diagnosed with Covid-19 at any time during the previous 14 days.

Immediately Prior to the Photoshoot

After leaving the vehicle and before meeting the subject/s, we will:

  • Clean hands using an +70% alcohol-based gel;
  • Put on all necessary PPE;

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If the photoshoot is inside or is 2m social distancing is not possible, we will wear, at all times, the following PPE:

  • Face mask;
  • Disposable gloves;
Alcohol gel and wipes, disposable gloves and masks – a Covid-19 safety kit for photographers

Social Distancing

We will maintain a minimum distance of 2m between us and the subject at all times, irrespective of the photoshoot taking place indoors or outdoors.


Where possible, any photoshoot will take place outdoors.  When this is not possible, the area in which the photoshoot takes place should be well ventilated, open and easily accessible.

Post Photoshoot

To minimise the risk of any virus transmission, on leaving the location/premises we will:

  • Clean hands using an +70% alcohol-based gel;
  • Clean all photography equipment, mobile phones, glasses and other items touched or used during the photoshoot using alcohol wipes;

These guidelines ensure that the photoshoot can be undertaken with the minimal risk of any transmission of the Covid-19 virus.  If there are any additional precautions that you would like us to take, please feel free to advise.  Also, if you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us on

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