Creative Product Photography for Bunting Magnetics

Creative Product Photography for Bunting Magnetics

Friday April 21, 2017

Photographs of Magical Magnets

As a Commercial and Industrial Photographer, I photograph products installed and operating at site, at a company's premises, and in my South Wales studio.  However, as well as the standard photographs needed for brochures and websites, there is a growing demand for more creative imagery.

Bunting Magnetics Europe is a good example.  They manufacture magnets and magnetic assemblies, which do not necessarily have the most dynamic visual impact.  My aim was to create an image that would raise questions about magnetism, and draw people to their website.

Magnets balanced on a mug

Bunting has a range of educational magnet sets, and I decided to use the Magnetic Coins.  The photograph taken is real and has not been created using Photoshop.  The coins were actually balanced on the edge of the Doctor Who TARDIS mug.  What cannot be seen in the main photograph is a Magnet positioned just above the coins out of shot.  It is the Magnetic Attractive Force that is making the coins balance on top of each other.

I used the photograph as the basis for a blog entitled 'How Are These Coins Balanced On The Mug?" and then posted it on social media channels including Twitter and Facebook.  The engagement was fantastic and resulted in a increase in the number of visits to the site.

Setting up the photograph was relatively straight-forward.  I used a rear Lastolite lighting box at the rear and positioned the mug on a sheet of glass on a white table.  There were four other lights positioned focused on the coins and mug.  The hardest part was getting the distance between the coins and the magnets correct so that they would balance.

I am now working on a series of creative magnetism photographs and blogs for Bunting and their sister company eMagnets UK.  Let's see how creative we can be!


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