Equipment Photographs of a Bunting Metal Separation Module

Equipment Photographs of a Bunting Metal Separation Module

Thursday May 26, 2016

Product Photography of Magnetic Separators in a Recycling Plant

I recently worked on a project with Magnetic Separator manufacturer, Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd, where I was assigned to photograph a large Metal Separation Module installed in a plastics recycling plant run by Recapture Plastics in Kent.

The metal separation equipment was pretty spectacular, but executing the photoshoot was challenging.  The Metal Separation Module was positioned around 5 metres off the floor as part of a complete processing line.  Also, the light in the building was not the best.  I took the photographs over several visits and had a chance to see the gradual installation of the plastics processing line.

Bunting Metal Separation Module

Removing metal from plastic is a vital part of the process to enable successful recycling.  The Magnetic Separation equipment required to enable high levels of metal separation tend to be large, as they are handling high volume throughputs of plastic.

On site I used a variety of techniques and lenses.  The guys at Recapture Plastics were great and took me up in a cherry picker to take some photos from above.  Some taken with a fish-eye lens came out really well as they also brought other parts of the plant into the image.  For close-ups I used some flash and additional lighting when possible, but for shots from further away it was only possible to use long exposures.

It is important to be prepared when taking photographs on site in recycling and manufacturing sites, as on most assignments it is not possible to set up great lighting to get the perfect image.  You have to deal with what you get, whilst still getting the photograph that the client can then use for marketing.  Along with a press release that I also wrote and distributed, the photographs have been featured in a number of recycling industry publications including:

A selection of the photographs can be seen on the website under 'Equipment Installed at Site Photography' along with a selection of other photography assignments.

Photographing the Bunting Metal Separation equipment at Recapture Plastics was a great project and thanks to the guys at both companies for their help and support.

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Bunting Metal Separation Module

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