First Aid Kit Product Photography

First Aid Kit Product Photography

Friday January 27, 2017

Photographing a First Aid Kit for PK Safety

The photography assignment was to photograph a 10 Person First Aid Kit for PK Safety.  The client wanted to use the images in their main product brochure, on their website and also on all their social media channels.

PK Safety First Aid Kit

I also manage PK Safety's social media and so I had an idea what types of images get the best engagement.  With those objectives in mind, I visualised three separate types of image:

  1. A clean photograph of what the product was all about ie the contents.  We did not have the opportunity to photograph the product in the studio and so I set up in their main canteen, using one of the kitchen worktops.  I took a few, but the one that I like the most was when the join between the wall and the surface went at a steep angle into the top left hand side of the photo;
  2. An image that we could use on social media and other PR that would shout 'I am a First Aid Kit'.  It was time to bandage someone!  I managed to persuade a couple of the PK Safety sales team to act out bandaging the head of one of their heads.  I then placed the First Aid kit on the canteen table.  With the First Aid kit positioned on the right, I then got a photograph with the 'First Aid Action' taking place slightly blurred in the background.  I think the photograph shouts 'First Aid';
  3. My final image was something a little more subtle, again for digital marketing.  One of the PK Safety sales guys once again agreed to be a model and we bandaged up his arm.  The First Aid kit was placed standing up on the worktop surface.  The photograph was simple the bandaged arm reaching in an grasping the handle of the First Aid Kit.  It looked clean and, once again, shouted 'First Aid Kit';

It was a fun photoshoot and I think we produced some imagery that was a little more creative than just a box of bandages.

A selection of photographs from the photoshoot can be seen in the Product Photography Engineering and Manufacturing section on my website.


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