Photographing Aston Martin Cars at Caerbont Automotive Instruments

Photographing Aston Martin Cars at Caerbont Automotive Instruments

Wednesday April 12, 2017

Photos of the Aston Martin Owners Club Visiting CAI

When you are asked if you want to photograph Aston Martin cars, there is only one answer.  The Aston Martin is arguably the most iconic British high performance, luxury sports car.  Also, as a huge James Bond fan, the Aston Martin holds a special place in my heart.

Aston Martin Car

My client, Caerbont Automotive Instruments, had arranged for the Aston Martin Owners Club to visit their gauge and instruments manufacturing facility in Abercrave, South Wales.  CAI manufacture gauges for classic cars including the widely known SMITHS range that are featured in many of the classic Aston Martin cars including James Bond's DB5.

My objective was to take photographs that captured the fun of the visit as well as promote exceptional automotive component manufacturing in South Wales.  There was also the minor issue of photographing Aston Martin cars!

The visitors arrived in their roaring Aston Martin cars before being shown around the factory.  The CAI production team showed the visitors how gauges like speedometers and tachometers are manufactured.  CAI make gauges for classic cars, using original designs and drawings, and also design and build gauges for new cars like the Jaguar XKSS.

I worked in engineering for over 23 years and it was fantastic to hear the manufacturing history of SMITHS dating back to the first speedometer supplied to Edwards VII in 1904.  South Wales is blessed with successful manufacturing companies, especially in the automotive sector.

It was a brilliant afternoon and we were blessed with beautiful bright blue skies, warm sun, and amazing sports cars.  What could be better on a Friday?

A selection of the photographs can be seen in the Factory and Site Photography section on my website.

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