Photographing Dads Bare All Calendar for Ty Hafan

Photographing Dads Bare All Calendar for Ty Hafan

Thursday October 06, 2016

Raising Awareness and Funds for an Amazing Charity

Coffee can be blamed for many things, but it was over a coffee that the concept of the #DadsBareAll calendar for Ty Hafan was born.

The link to buy a calendar online the Ty Hafan website.

It was March 2016 and I was with Gareth Jenkins, who leads the support for Dads at Ty Hafan.  In a past role, Gareth cared for my son, Greg, and our family when we stayed at Ty Hafan.  It was always good to catch up, but there was an idea I wanted to discuss.  As a photographer, I had an idea for a project to raise funds and awareness for Ty Hafan.  After bouncing around a few ideas, Gareth suddenly mentioned a title for the photography project - #DadsBareAll.  Immediately we knew that we had the concept of something special.

Since the Women's Institute's Calendar Girls, hundreds of charity calendars are released each year.  To make this work, we realised that we needed to be slightly different.Dads Bare All Group Photo

Dads of children and young adults with life-limiting illnesses, and I am one of them, tend to hide their emotions.  Maybe this goes back to the Caveman days, but Dads believe that they need to be the rock when all around is falling apart.  Dads have a very different role to Mums, who are also amazingly strong.  They want to be the one who the family can lean on.  The Dads feel that they have the responsibility of holding that protective shield around all their loved ones.  In reality, Dads are as vulnerable and are hurting as much as the rest of the family.  

We wanted the calendar to strip away all the bravado and show the Dads in their most vulnerable state.  And that had to be naked.

With the seedlings of an idea of a #DadsBareAll calendar, we pitched to Sara Webber, Ty Hafan's Marketing, Communications and Events General Manager.  We appreciated that this could be difficult.  Did it fit the Ty Hafan brand model?  Was it right for the hospice?  We shouldn't have worried.  Sara gave us a thumbs up and we started our search for calendar models.

Gareth put out the feelers for naked models and the response was amazing.  I was worried that we would manage to get 12, when in fact we were inundated with volunteers.  Although, we later found out that some models were 'encouraged' to take part by their partners.

The #DadsBareAll project was starting to get very real.  We understood that we needed to produce a calendar with gritty and arty images of the Dads.  This had to be classy.  The photographs were the key.

Several years ago I had photographed one of my sons on the rocky beach in Sully, right next to the hospice, and had earmarked that as the location.  The rocks would be excellent for black and white photography and the beach had the strong hospice link.

Dads Bare All Group Photo

We also needed strategically located props and decided on a sports theme.  Each Dad would bring along a sporting object that we could use in the photography.  We had rugby balls, mountain bikes, golf clubs, footballs, hiking gear, and a surfboard.

We took the photographs on three separate days.  This proved to be ideal as we had different lighting and clouds on all three days.

I have known some of the Dads for many years and there are a few big characters.  I wasn't sure how they would feel about being photographed naked.  On that first photoshoot, there was the usual banter as we made our way down to the beach with our models in dressing gowns.  However, the silence that struck the group when I asked the first pair to take their clothes off was deafening.

Once we had the photographs, we needed a calendar design and drafted in Josh Llewellyn-Jones of JSquared Marketing.  In fact, he was present at one of the photoshoots and was included in one of the group photographs.  Sorry Josh!

And the #DadsBareAll calendar was born.

The #DadsBareAll calendar photography project has been amazing to work on.  I think that we have produced something that is special and will sit comfortably on people's kitchen walls.

Thank you to all our brave models:

January - Brad Watson and Gary Footman

February - Marc Woodward

March - Jason Morris and Sean Ward

April - Alun Williams

May - Andrew Davies and Stephen Davies

June - Lee Morgan

July - Jeff Griffiths and Richard Pullin

August - Ben Jones

September - Greg Murdoch

October - Huw Liddell and Adrian Watkins

November - David Lewis and Matthew Smith

December - Georgie Fear

It would not have been possible without you!

And thanks to Gareth and Sara at Ty Hafan, who have been awesome in championing this project for the start.  

Finally, thanks to all the people who will purchase the calendar.  Your money will be going to support and amazing charity.

The photographs featured in the calendar and also taken during the photoshoots can be seen on my website.

The #DadsBareAll 2017 Calendar can be purchased on the Ty Hafan website or in any Ty Hafan charity shop.

What a journey!


Paul Fears is a commercial and industrial photographer based in South Wales.  For further information on the #DadsBareAll calendar or to discuss any photography assignment, please contact Paul on:

Phone - 07909 103789


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 Dads Bare All Group Photo

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