Photographing Future Engineers Building LEGO

Photographing Future Engineers Building LEGO

Wednesday February 03, 2016

Business In The Community Intra School LEGO Competition at Eden Education Centre

Having spent most of my working life in engineering and manufacturing, being asked to photograph an event where students from schools across South East Wales have to build LEGO robots was too good to be true.  As an industrial and commercial photographer, I am always photographing engineered equipment, but this was something different.  And I love LEGO!


The LEGO competition was organised by Business In The Community Cymru and Careers Wales in conjunction with Eden Education Centre at their LEGO Education Innovation Studio in Aberbeeg, Blaenau Gwent.  Several schools took part, each with a team with a maximum of 5 members.  The event was the culmination of intra-school competitions taking place in each of the five business class schools with their business partners.  One winning team from each school was competing against each other .

Taking photographs at events such as this is so much fun.  My aim was to capture moments when students and business people were working closely together to solve the problem.  The objective was to build and then programme a LEGO robot to carry out specific tasks centred around the 'Green City'.  It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination.

Taking the photographs meant that I had the opportunity to watch the teams closely as they first built their robots and then started the painful exercise of programming the robot to carry out a task.  From each failed attempt you could see the teams learn a little bit more, gaining knowledge and understanding that would ultimately lead them to solve the problem.  I was really impressed by the way the students tackled the task and stood there wondering how many would ultimate become the engineers that the UK so desperately needs.

Photographs from the event are available to view on my website.

Participating schools included:

The schools were supported by local businesses including:

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