The Wonderful Gabrielle Murphy

The Wonderful Gabrielle Murphy

Sunday November 09, 2014

Photographs of a Music Star in the Making

I had the good fortune to be invited to one of Gabrielle Murphy's rehearsals in The Green Rooms in Treforest, South Wales.  I watched and took photographs whilst Gabby sang and Ryan played keyboards and acoustic guitar.  At times I had to pinch myself back into action as the music took over and Gabby's beautiful voice filled the small room.  It was amazing and I just wonder how they have not yet been snapped up by some big record label.

The photography was a challenge, as it always is in a poorly lit and small rehearsal studio.  I didn't want to use harsh direct flash and so placed two remotely activated flash guns in separate areas of the room, bith facing towards the wall for reflection.

Gabby sings with her heart and often she almost lost herself in the music as she sang.  She is wonderfully expressive with her hands that move and twist as she sings behind closed eyes.

It was a fantastic couple of hours and I left wondering whether I had just been fortunate enough to be in the presence of one of the UK's next big music stars.  More photographs can be seen in Business-Photographs of Music Bands and Groups.

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