10nTaff Training April 2020

The continued rise in the number of coronavirus cases meant changing my training regime to keep my family safe.  My son has a life-limiting heart and lung condition and, therefore, he is one of those most at risk.  For many years we, as a family, were cared for by Tŷ Hafan and that is why I am joining other Dads, Uncles and Brothers on the 10nTaff challenge next year.  To keep safe, I’ve found walking and cycling routes where I see a limited number of people.  When I do see people, most understand social distancing and respect the 2-metre rule.  However, sadly I also see too many who simply do not understand, walking in groups or driving to remote locations to exercise.  My main walking route is past a relic of our Welsh industrial past, the coke works in Beddau.  The walk takes me across the waste tips, now flourishing with vegetation.  Cycling is a little more challenging, but I take a back route up to the top of the Garth Hill.  These short 1-hour bouts of exercise are precious.  We have no idea how long this crisis will last, especially for families like ours, or what the future will look like.  For know, we just take each day as it comes.

Training in the month:  Hiking (15 hours 52 miles), Cycling (7 1/2 hours 57 miles) & 6480 strength exercises.

Website:  10nTaff 10 mountain and 52 mile cycling challenge

Just Giving page: 10nTaff for Ty Hafan – Paul Fears

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