10nTaff Training June 2020

June has been a tough month.  The reality of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis has really hit home.  As a family, we’re still in isolation with a very uncertain future.  Getting out walking and cycling certainly helps, but it is all done alone.  It would be great to go out walking with my wife or the 10nTaff guys, but that just isn’t possible at the moment.  Also, I picked up a leg injury mid-month which has restricted my walking.  So far this year, I’ve walked over 300 miles and climbed over 30,000 feet (Everest is 29,000 feet high).  Also, I’ve cycled 300 miles, climbing 29,000 feet.  My training plan was originally set to take on the 10nTaff challenge starting on July 2nd 2020, but due to the crisis this has now been delayed by a year.  I’ve now got a year to get as fit as I need to be to climb 10 mountains and cycle over 50 miles in 55 hours.  So time to crack on and let’s hope that Summer returns for some great outdoors exercise in July!

Training in the month:  Hiking (16 1/2 hours 61 miles), Cycling (11 hours 89 miles) & 7225 strength exercises.

Website:  10nTaff 10 mountain and 52 mile cycling challenge

Just Giving page: 10nTaff for Ty Hafan – Paul Fears

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