Stage 1 Five Highest North Wales Mountains

The first day of the 10nTaff for Tŷ Hafan was always going to be the toughest.  We were climbing the five highest mountains in the whole of Wales in one day.  With our guide Jim Rigby, we set off to climb the first two mountains at 07:20am and finally got back to the minibuses after mountain 5 at 1:20am the next morning.  It was brutal.  The walking was interspaced with climbing up and down steep rock faces.  The weather was typical Welsh turning from bright sunshine to rain in the blink of an eye.  When we reached the car park at Llanberis, Dave was ready to serve hot creamy pasta to replace some of the carbs we had burnt.  By the time the exhausted team had left the town to head to South Wales, many of us were already asleep.  And it was only the end of day 1.

  • Carnedd Llewelyn (1064m) and Carnedd Dafydd (1044m) – walked 7.57 miles in 5 hrs 17 mins gaining 932m (3058 feet) in height
  • Glyder Fawr (1001m) – walked 5.47 miles in 4 hrs 33 mins gaining 655m (2149 feet) in height
  • Snowdon (1085m) and Garnedd Ugain (1065m) – walked 7.73 miles in 5 hrs 9 mins gaining 728m (2389 feet) in height

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