Stage 2 Five Highest South Wales Mountains

Overnight, after completing stage 1 and climbing the five highest mountains in North Wales, we drove down to South Wales and the first mountain of day 2 Fan Brydeiniog.  The only sleep we got was in the minibus, which was limited.  During the drive down we had received the news that our guide, Jim Rigby, had lost his glasses and was unable to drive.  We were now taking on stage 2 on our own and climbing the five highest mountains in South Wales:

  • Fan Brydeiniog (802m) – walked 4.22 miles in 2 hrs 50 mins gaining 370m (1214 feet) in height
  • Pen-y-Fan (886m) and Corn Du (873m) – walked 4.28 miles in 2 hrs 27 mins gaining 449m (1473 feet) in height
  • Waun Fach (811m) and Pen-y-Gadair Fawr (800m) – walked 9.51 miles in 5 hrs 9 mins gaining 688m (2257 feet) in height

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